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Turn in the Tide: The Case for Rising Interest Rates - 9/19/16

The purpose of this article is to make the case for a primary trend rise in yields. If this assumption turns out to be correct, it is within the realm of possibilities that this same rally may also turn out to be the initial advance in a new, very long-term or secular uptrend. Secular turning points usually develop as markets overshoot and crowd psychology moves to an irrational extreme. At such times, accepted standards no longer apply as markets temporarily move to nonsensical extremes. For example, at the 1990 peak of the Japanese real estate boom, the Emperors’ palace was said to be worth more than the real estate value in California. At the height of the tech boom in ... READ MORE

The Win-Win Case for a Bull Market in Gold

For years I have always thought of the gold price as a discounting mechanism for inflation. In recent months though, the price has rallied sharply under what appears to be a very deflationary background. It could be that gold is looking through all of this and predicting an inflationary outcome. Nevertheless, I keep asking myself the question of whether it is possible for the price of the yellow metal to... READ MORE 4/30/16

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