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Consulting and/or Coaching 


With over 35 year's experience, why not employ Martin as your in house technical consultant on the worldís financial markets and your technical training needs.


With over 35-years of hands-on experience of long-term intermarket relationships in the financial markets, Martin Pring is in a unique position to help guide you through the challenges offered by the todayís confusing crosscurrents.  Why not use his perspective and proprietary indicators to help you with your investment strategies?

 This custom service is purely for institutions with a long-term, or intermediate, outlook.  More specifically, for those who appreciate the importance of the interrelationship between the business cycle and financial markets, and how the technical approach can aid timing.  Your personal consulting can be tailored by having personal visits, telephone consultation, limited written communication, or a combination of the above.

Technical Education

 Martin has been training individuals in the art of technical and business cycle analysis since the mid 1980ís.  His books, Technical Analysis Explained, and Investment Psychology Explained, are required reading for the Market Technicianís CMT designation.  With over 13 other books to his credit, and experience in successfully speaking on all six continents, why not use him to train your staff in behavioral, technical, and business cycle aspects to financial markets?

 If you are interested in any of these services, please call 941-926-9664, or email info@pring.com.  Please note that such services are only available to a limited number of clients, so the solicitation on this page does not guarantee that we have the capacity to meet your needs.  Please call to find out Martinís availability.





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